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Arctic Lodges guests have the opportunity to take advantage of our yearly promotions and win various prizes through our ongoing events, such as free all inclusive trip packages towards the next year so you can do it all over again! The yearly promotions are on for a limited time, so be sure to secure your spot soon and lock down your chance to participate.

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Sign up to become a member of the Arctic Lodges Last Minute Club email list to be updated on seat sales and take advantage of unbelievable rates for the upcoming season!

Arctic Lodges Photo & Video Contest

Upload your favourite photo or video and instantly be entered to win one of many prize giveaways valuing up to $5,000

Arctic Lodges Master Trophy Title

This long awaited fishing competition has finally begun! Not only is this a fishing competition, but a chance to be a part of Arctic Lodges history as well as many prizes to be won. Our professional guides make it easy to put you on the fish, beginners and seasoned anglers alike will not want to miss out on this one! You can sign up during your booking process or simply call 1-888-353-2432 or email info@arcticlodges.com for more information

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